Hi there ! I'm Aris.

I'm the creator and designer of "House Of Aris"

a brand born out of my need for self-expression, connection and deep love for fashion.

I'm originally from the Dominican Republic but I grew up in Belgium. My father was a neighborhood tailor and as a child he introduced me to the magical world of fashion. At the age of 6 I left my father and my home country for a better future with my mother in Belgium. Even though I didn't have him in my life growing up, I always dreamed of creating a business that would lead me back to him. He passed away in 2015 sitting behind his sewing machine, doing what he loved most. Creating fashion. In 2017 I started House Of Aris on Etsy from my small studio apartment in Vietnam. At first I started by creating handmade harnesses, kimonos. short dresses and other simple pieces of clothing. Eventually I was able to work with several talented independent tailors and from there we grew into the wonderful business we are today.


What is “ House Of Aris  ?



‘House Of Aris’ was born to bring out every dreamer’s unapologetic and colorful inner self.

Our customers are usually creative, eclectic people from different walks of life who like myself have a love for art and expressing themselves. They remind me that being different is a good thing. In the past 5 years they've inspired me to grow as a person and to believe in myself. It is that energy that motivates me to keep evolving as a designer and as an artist.

HOUSEOFARIS.COM is essentially my home and I hope you all feel welcome here.