About me.

Hi there, I'm Aris :: 

I'm the creator and designer of "House Of Aris", a brand born out of my need for connection and deep love for fashion. I was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. For as long as I can remember I used fashion to escape reality, styling and designing fabulous outfits for my misshapen Barbies. My father was a tailor and my fondest childhood memories are of us playing with offcuts at his atelier. He was a humble man who effortlessly conjured smiles from his customers whenever they would pick up their fabulously freshly made, tailored suits. Looking back, I believe it's that memory that inspired me into wanting to dress people for a living. He passed away a few years ago, doing what he loved, sitting behind his sewing machine creating art.

At the age of 6, I moved to Belgium with my two older brothers. Ever the extroverted introvert, I would spend most of my teenage years indulging in a sinful mix of drugs, parties and upcycling second hand clothing whilst exploring the vibrant underground culture of Antwerp. I didn't know it then, but growing up in Europe would forever shape my sense of individuality and ignite my desire for self expression. Initially I was studying to become an architect, but after being hired by my favorite art teacher to work at her gallery on weekends, I fell in love with fashion like never before. Something about seeing people all dressed up in beautiful fabrics, enjoying their fabulous selves really inspired me. 

At 16 I somehow ended up on a reality tv show, and eventually started working as a wardrobe stylist and doing small modeling gigs on the side. It wasn't glamorous nor did I make much money, but it made me happy so I stuck with it. During that time I also worked at a high end second hand store called Pardaff, where I got to learn what high fashion really was. Obsessed with fashion I would spend every little bit of money I made buying designer pieces at work. I like to think I was merely studying fashion whilst on the job. Then one day, I decided to move to China and take a chance at experiencing something new. Needless to say, it ended up being a decision that would forever alter the course of my life. 

What is “House Of Aris” :: 

In 2017 ‘House Of Aris’ was born to bring out every dreamer’s unapologetic and colorful inner self. I first started by creating and selling harnesses and unique pieces through Etsy from my tiny studio apartment in Vietnam. And by 2018 House Of Aris had grown into an actual business, employing incredibly talented independent tailors. I started with nothing but a dream and in two years I've been able to grow my shop to what it is today. All because I firmly believe in high quality fashion made with love from start to finish. We are an ethical brand that hopes to grow whilst uplifting other small creators and local tailors.

Our customers are usually creative, eclectic people from different walks of life who like myself have a love for art and expressing themselves. They remind me that being different is a good thing. In the past two years they've inspired me to grow as a person and to believe in myself. It is that energy that motivates me to keep evolving as a designer. House Of Aris is essentially my home and I hope you all feel welcome here.

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