Create your own - one of a kind designs with House Of Aris

Why custom - made ?

At House Of Aris we believe every person is unique, so what better way to enhance your uniqueness than by treating yourself to your very own custom design.

We provide high quality fabrics ( including cotton, linen, hand-embellished lace and silk ) and work with skilled craftsmen and expert pattern makers to create your dream outfit. With our guidance, the process of ordering custom-made fashion is simple, personal and more relaxed compared to spending hours walking around clothing stores not knowing what colour, fabric or style suits you best.

Below you will find our different price bundles for you to choose from. Pick your bundle, fill in our form and let's get started on creating your vision.


Looking for that one, unique "glass slipper" item to complete your look? For smaller, one piece designs like a mini skirt, cute top, or simple dresses, we've got you covered!

Posh spice

People of the world, it's time to spice up your life! Create your custom jackets, trousers, dresses, and harnesses here and walk into the room "purse first" with confidence.

Belle of the ball

Feel like a magical, mystical creature in our custom long dresses, dusters and kimonos. Compose your own fairy tale happy ending and let us bring your story to life.


Extravaganza !

Darling, you own 51% of this company! YOU are the center stage of this extravanganza, henny! From weddings, to quinceaƱeras, to movie premieres, this outfit is sure to turn heads with its complexity, detailed handwork, and high-end materials. You even get a one on one consultation with Aris herself!

unique , affordable & ethical

Imagine creating your own, unique look with your dream design and fabrics all while supporting us, our tailors and local vendors in a sustainable and ethical way. Here at House of Aris, we are firm believers of creating a brand that connects you as directly to the source as possible. We want you to take a trip with us and truly experience our process of creating custom pieces for you.

Check out our price sheet below and let us know how we can assist you by filling in our custom order form. Make sure to send us a sketch and or inspiration and let us know about any special requirements you have.

Click here to check out our prices - fill in our form and we will get back to you shortly.

soft yet powerful

you wear it well

need the perfect floral armor to wear to your next special event? Don't hesitate to inquire about our HOA Fabrics Catalogs. We provide many gorgeous floral prints and other fabrics for you to choose from - perfect for creating your next fabulous look.

check out our floral designs